We've made many happy clients and lots of friends in our travels building custom homes across the region and beyond.

It’s our pleasure to share some of our client’s experiences with you in this gallery.

We built a home using Paragon project mgt services in 2015 and are very satisfied We received guidance throughout. Even after the project was finished we never felt on our own. I can call Frank 7 days a week and he’s there to answer questions or help solve a problem. The relationship is like a marriage. We argued, we stressed, and we got it done. We now have our dream home and no horror stories to tell.

Neil P. 2015

After researching various building options and plans including Viceroy, Bonneville, Guildcrest and a private contractor, we comfortably decided upon working with Paragon Homes. Frank’s enthusiasm, expertise and guidance in the early planning stages helped us to create the customized design we were looking for. We especially appreciated Paragon’s project management style which allowed us the control and flexibility to be hands-on throughout all phases of the project.

M. Brown

We really enjoy the look and feel of our home and the Paragon hybrid kit which we purchased as part of our project served us well in that regard We had the opportunity to meet many of the potential sub contractors before beginning the construction. Your guidance and negotiating skills made it possible to obtain what we feel was the best value for money.

Charles & Fiona

Monika and I are extremely happy with the products supplied to date, just as you are proud of providing them. The wood, windows, doors, shingles and aluminum included in the Paragon Kit have all been of the highest quality without a doubt. In my eyes it is the little things such as the triple levers on the windows that stand out and define the products in the Paragon Kit as a very high quality product.

Kevin & Monika

When my partnership with Paragon Homes began, I continued to receive the direction and support I needed to build the home of my dreams. Paragon Homes solicited individual contractors in my area and promoted positive working agreements for all concerned. The end result of our efforts speaks for itself